Monday, November 24, 2014

Why Be Grateful When Things Don't Go Your Way?

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It’s easy to be grateful for a good friend, a beautiful sunrise, things we enjoy.  The challenge comes when things don’t go our way.  Someone cancels an important meeting at the last minute.  Our computer breaks down at an inopportune time.  It seems counter-intuitive to be grateful for unwelcome events.  But, if we can do so, it is a huge doorway to freedom.

When things don’t go our away, our first reaction will often be anger, fear, or judgment.  These emotions aren’t coming out of nowhere.  They are rising from our own subconscious.  As long as they remain buried, such emotions often run our lives.  When they are triggered into the light of awareness, this is our golden opportunity to get free from their hold on us.

The key is to shift attention from the story in the mind about what went wrong to feeling the sensations  and emotions in the body now.  When we can meet whatever is rising with grateful awareness, we get free of old patterns.  We realize that Life is our ally, not our enemy.  It always gives us the perfect experiences to set us free.

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