Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Magic of Mahalo- The Sound of Gratitude

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The Magic of Mahalo - Gratitude

The words “thank you” can open our hearts because of the sentiment they express.  But the sound of these words is actually rather flat. 

On the other hand, “mahalo,” the Hawaiian word for “thank you” has a wonderful sound that corresponds with its meaning.  Say the word “mahalo,” a few times and feel it in your body.

“Ma” is the universal sound for “mother” and carries a powerful heart-opening energy.  The sound “ha” brings the energy down into the belly, opening that center.  “Lo” grounds the energy, helping us to fully embody the vibration of gratitude.

Thanksgiving season is always a powerful time to focus on gratitude.   If it feels right for you, over the next few days, play with “mahalo,” either saying it out loud or repeating it silently as a mantra.  Let me know if this beautiful word deepens your experience of gratitude.

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