Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What is a Spiritual Retreat?

A spiritual retreat is time we set aside specifically for the purpose of deep self-renewal. Spiritual retreats generally include meditation, prayer, mindfulness exercises, or other practices designed to raise awareness and connect with God/Self.

A vacation is a time we take off from work to relax and enjoy ourselves. It doesn’t need to involve any particular focus spiritual or otherwise

Ideally, we enter into a retreat with clear intention and with gratitude.  Taking time for a retreat is a wonderful gift we’re giving ourselves.  We want to make the most of this precious time.

Often, but not always, it serves us best to get away for retreats.  Being in a new, unfamiliar setting can help us break free of unconscious patterns and make positive changes in our lives.

I’ve found that doing retreats in beautiful, natural settings works best for me.  Whether I’m camping or staying in a cabin or motel, being able to spend time in solitude in the mountains, desert, or by the ocean helps deepen the retreat.

The most powerful place I’ve discovered for retreats is Mount Shasta.  The mountain has an incredibly pure energy which reflects my own Self and makes it easy to go deep in meditation. 

When I return from a successful retreat, feel an overall increase in my sense of health and wellness. I feel more connected with my Self and more able to be present with whatever may be happening in my life.

You can read more information about keys for planning and taking a successful retreat at my web site.

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