Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mount Shasta: Here's Looking at You

Mount Shasta
(c) MCStrom Photos

Yesterday, I followed my own advice and took a day to retreat after a busy week.  Early in the morning, I found myself standing at the living room window gazing at Mount Shasta.

My mind was doing what it does, cranking out a rapid stream of thoughts.  For a couple minutes, it was like I was looking at the mountain through clouds.  I noticed this and brought my full attention to my beloved Shasta.  Instantly, my mind stopped and I felt the stillness once again.  

During the rest of the day, I had many occasions to look at the mountain, both from my home and on an afternoon hike.    Each time, I made a point of really being with the mountain, rather than with my thoughts.

Whenever  I slow down enough to truly be with the mountain, I connect deeply with that which the mountain reflects, my own Self.  

The very best view of Mount Shasta from my home just happens from my office, where I am sitting right now.  It’s amazing to think of how many moments in the past I’ve been I’ve been oblivious to the majestic presence right in front of me.

Today, coming back to work after my retreat, I’ve re-committed to staying connected with the mountain/my heart while I work.  It’s so simple to pause from writing and gaze at the mountain for a few seconds.  

The more fully I show up to see and feel the mountain during those pauses, the more my movements and words  flow effortlessly and are infused by that pure Love which Mount Shasta radiates and reflects.

Andrew Oser has been offering spiritual life coaching, along with guided retreats on Mount Shasta since 1982.   Through hikes to little-known sacred sites, guided meditations, spiritual life coaching, and time drinking in the silence of the mountain, he helps clients to deeply renew themselves in body, mind, and spirit and receive clear vision for their lives.  www.mountshastaretreat.net

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